GIATA and TTICodes

Working with GIATA and the TTI, we have now complemented our accommodation database with TTICodes.

With multiple electronic feeds serving-up identical properties, the same perennial questions are continually asked.   ‘What is a property called on Channel XYZ? What is its reference or id? Is it the same property that is being offered on channel ABC?’    There could be a surprising number of variations of a hotel’s name leading to the confusion that is currently rife in the industry as it struggles with hotel names that are misspelt, wrongly translated or simply incorrect.

TTIcodes are a unique hotel identifier, no more than that.   A TTIcode is a simple, random seven digit numeric number with an additional eighth check digit which uses a modulus 8 calculation.   This straightforward format allows TTIcodes to be rolled out much faster than any other type of unique hotel identifier.